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Chris Dye- Associate Pastor / Youth Minister

I  grew up in Limestone County and attended Clements High School where I graduated  in 2005. After graduation, I attended Calhoun Community College and then  transferred to Athens State University where I received my B.S. in Social  Science Secondary Education in December 2009. I taught and coached at Clements   High School and at Lindsay Lane Christian Academy for a total of 6 years.

       I  accepted Christ as my Lord & Savior at the age of 17, while attending a  Global Youth Camp. I had made a profession of faith and been baptized when  I was 8 years old, but I did not understand the decision I was making. I spend  the next nine years of my life trying to earn my salvation by doing everything  I could with the church to make up for all the mistakes that I kept making, but I never felt at peace in my heart. I felt like I had  what every high school kid could ask for because I had friends, was on the  starting line in football for several years, usually had a girlfriend, and   stayed out of trouble as much as possible, but I was miserable inside. My best  friend in high school was a guy named Shane, who had been in a wheelchair since  the second grade with a degenerative disease like MS, and he had something that  I couldn’t grasp; joy. He had put his trust in Christ for everything, and  despite what most would call a bad situation, he was content in his situation  because of his faith. Shane’s testimony among others who lived out Christ in  front of me prepared my heart for the word I received at that youth camp. I had   called myself to my own brand of salvation in which I was ultimately god  instead of answering the call of salvation by grace through faith in Christ. As  I realized that self-worship was my ultimate sin and the only way that I could  be made right with God was by putting my faith and trust in what Christ had  done on the cross, I gave my future to Him.

       I  got involve in the youth ministry as a teenager while attending First Baptist  Church in Athens. I was called into the ministry at the age of 18 and pursued  different ways to minister to teenagers and college students for a while. I  eventually accepted my first youth minister position at First Union Baptist  Church in April 2008. I was then led to New Bethel Baptist Church in September  2009 and became an ordained minister as I graduated from Athens State in   January 2010.  I have had the privilege  of serving Emmanuel as the student minister since August 2013 and Associate  pastor, as well, starting in August 2016.

       I  met my wife Brianna while we were at Calhoun and were married three long years  later in May 2010, and it has been an adventure ever since. We have two children;  a daughter, Raylee, and a son, Jack, and a super manly dog (Yorkie) named Tye. As  a family, we seek to minister to the teenagers & their families here at   Emmanuel. I enjoy doing just about anything outdoors, watching sports, and I’m  passionate in the pursuit of the best chicken wings around. I’m a history buff  and enjoy trivia. Oh, and Roll Tide.
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